The side braids are allies for elegant and elegant- sport hairstyles. No matter the length of the hair, here we bring you a selection of ideas for you to take inspiration and put into action.

Open dutch

The Dutch braid is one that is woven across the strands underneath. This gives an interesting 3D effect, great to implement on your side braids. She also gently pulled on the sides to give her semi-updo more volume.

Lace braid

It’s easy to mistake it for the waterfall braid . However, what makes this braid special is that, instead of incorporating hair from both sides as is done with the sewn braid, only one is incorporated. Hence that effect at the top. Hands down, one of our favorite side braids.

Greek braid

Side braids can add other resources, such as twisted braids . This part of a stitched twist that reaches the nape of the neck. From there, a herringbone braid is born . Go ahead, some loose strands to give the look a more casual air and voila.

From side to side

How about we cross the braids on the side? That is, we make them start on one side and end on the other, like this one. This Dutch braid was woven into a traditional braid that falls on the other side. It is an easy , comfortable and suitable collection for every day.

French braid

The classics can also turn into spectacular side braids. This, for example, is the typical French braid or sewn braid, to which strands are added from the sides as it is woven. However, it is surprising because of its position.

Mini glued braid

This is the sample of how details make a difference. This is a glued side braid, which breaks up the tightness of this high ponytail . It puts an unexpected twist on this look and transforms it into a youthful and fun one to try.

With jopo

If your hair is long, try this proposal for modern side braids. Not only does it incorporate a jopo to the look but, in addition, the braid is responsible for making a route from the forehead to the end to break with the monotony of loose hair .

Mini stitched

To contemplate as a party hairstyle, these root side braids are perfect. They allow you to combine loose hair with marked waves, a perfect straight or, for the most daring, some strands of frizzy hair . Just one braid will be enough to make the look fabulous.


This is the best proof that side braids on short hair are completely possible. Use metallic ribbon or cord to join the two taped braids together. Original like few others.


If the mane does not help, I resorted to extensions . She did it: she took advantage of every inch of this false hair to put together this hulking modern side braid. We love the effect and texture it gave, as well as the detail on the straight ends.


The most casual of the side braids. It does not matter if the strands are released, the grace is that it is disheveled, loose, well relaxed. For a hairstyle with greater presence, has a broomrape side of medium height.


A combination of a sewn braid, with another giant one and loose hair, result in this brand new proposal. The trinomial of styles make up a single hairstyle that looks sideways and looks fabulous as a formal hairstyle for special occasions.


The shirts braids are trend. This idea incorporates them in a subtle and elegant way, adding only three of these in a bob. This shows that no matter the length of the hair, with creativity anything is possible.


The ex-model opted for a look composed of side braids that start from the part on the side and fall. What we find attractive is that the braids blend into the hair and appear to be loose. It is another way of wearing style.


She chose a relaxed style to sport a side braid. 50% of the hair is loose and gently wavy, while the other 50% is braided. She also chose a bow in tune with her dress to hold her. The result, in sight. We love bow hairstyles !


This is a conventional style side braid on a long mane. We like the combination with the straight bangs . The attractive thing is its length and that it does not end at the tip, but a little higher.


A simple low ponytail is upgraded with a braid. But, not just anyone. She opted for a waterfall braid that begins in the forehead and wraps the head until it reaches the nape of the neck. Modern side braids if there are any.


A simple low ponytail is upgraded with a braid. But, not just anyone. She opted for a waterfall braid that begins in the forehead and wraps the head until it reaches the nape of the neck. Modern side braids if there are any.


Chufy Sánchez de Betak chose this elaborate side braid look to attend one of the MET gala editions. She has a natural golden brown wavy hair. Here she chose a herringbone braid made with a hair extension. Given the length, the top gives a twist that adds volume to the hairstyle.

Spiky tail

This side braid takes shape from a low ponytail. Note that a lock of hair was used to hide the elastic, a simple detail that adds neatness to the look. However, this herringbone braid looks disheveled, with locks sticking out the sides. We love the texture on top!