Daily routines can stress and damage hair. Therefore, a hair detox is necessary from time to time. It is the way for hair to regain strength, softness, shine and natural movement. We put together a plan to detoxify the hair that you can use when your hair requires it.

A hair detox is a treatment that purifies the hair of product residues that may have accumulated, pollution and dirt in the environment, dead cells, fat and sweat. It is a pause in the daily routine for the hair to rest, strengthen, regain shine and softness.

The fundamental steps of hair detox are: exfoliation of the scalp , cleansing and moisturizing. Of course, there are other precautions to take into account, which have to do with the use of heat tools such as the hair dryer , among other issues that we are going to detail below.

The residues that accumulate on the scalp and hair prevent proper oxygenation. This creates an imbalance that can lead, for example, to hair loss .

So, the deep cleaning provided by hair detox is essential for healthy and radiant hair. It comes to regain the balance and oxygenation necessary to grow hair .

How often you do it will depend on the needs of your hair. Pay attention to the signals that it gives you: if you have a hard time detangling your hair , if it feels caked or very greasy , if it is fragile and dry, or if you subjected it to chemical treatments such as straightening and / or bleaching , you probably need a detox.

1- Exfoliation

Exfoliating the scalp can help prevent problems like dandruff or itchiness . It is an essential step to decongest the scalp and facilitate its oxygenation. By exfoliating, dead cells are removed, accumulated product residues are removed, excess sebum is controlled and cleansed.

How to exfoliate? To start, you are going to need a scrub. It is very easy to create one at home with ingredients that you surely have on hand. Some possible combinations: extra virgin olive oil with sugar, coconut oil and coffee, oatmeal with brown sugar. Brush your hair dry first. Then, moisten the hair and apply this scrub, doing a gentle capillary massage . Be careful, use your fingertips, not your nails. This, in addition, will stimulate blood circulation. First step of the capillary detox, ready.

2- Cleaning

As you can imagine, the shower is a good place to perform a hair detox. Choosing a washing system with purifying and antioxidant ingredients is the best option to ensure effective cleaning. Green or matcha tea, for example, is foolproof. To wash your hair well , first apply the shampoo on damp hair and massage well. Rinse and apply the conditioner from medium to ends, let it act for at least a minute and rinse again, this time with warm or, better yet, cold water to seal the cuticles and enhance shine.

3- Moistening

The last step of hair detox is moisturizing. Here you can resort to masks with natural ingredients such as aloe vera or, alternatively, adopt a well-nourishing and moisturizing treatment cream. Whichever option you choose, the procedure is similar: it is applied from medium to ends, you can comb to distribute the product well, let it act (the minutes will vary according to the mask you make) and rinse. The result is also similar, you will notice the hair softer, easier to detangle, more docile and with more shine.

Hair detox: other cares

Remember that this break also implies leaving the heat tools for a few days. Yes, let the hair dry in the wind. Take the opportunity to clean the hair dryer , the flat iron and the curling iron. Cleaning it is important so as not to re-deposit these residues on your hair. Similarly, we encourage you to clean your hair brushes .

On the other hand, avoid tight hairstyles and conventional elastics. You can replace them with scrunchies that are much gentler on the hair and do not generate the friction that triggers breakage.

It also helps to sleep with loose and dry hair, on a cotton or satin cover (ergo, less friction, less frizz).