The health of your hair depends on the hygiene of the tools.

Cleaning our beauty items is essential. Just as makeup brushes accumulate product and bacteria when in contact with air, the same happens with hair brushes. Therefore, we tell you how to clean hair brushes and why it is very important for the health of your hair to do it regularly.

After reading this note, you are going to look at your combs and brushes with different eyes. Treat them with love, it also depends on them that you enjoy healthy hair.

Along with clumping of hair and product residue, dust mites, dead skin cells, and oils can build up. Buildup on your hairbrush can serve as a nest for bacteria and yeast overgrowth, so there is a risk of infection.

Skipping regular cleanings also prevents your brush from working properly, as with each stroke of a dirty brush you are re-depositing dirt on your locks and scalp, making your hair appear oilier. And, of course, nobody wants that.

Therefore, in addition to removing the hair that is stuck in the brush after combing, you have to give it a deep cleaning at least once a month.

With shampoo

To start, make sure to remove all the accumulated hair from the brush. You can help yourself with a pen or a fine comb.

In a bowl, mix warm water with shampoo. Yes, just as shampoo cleans our hair, it also works to clean brushes. I put the brush in the bowl and turn it. Rinse it well, under running water.

Now, let it dry with the bristles down. Make sure it is dry before using it again.

With vinegar and alcohol

Alcohol, apple cider vinegar or pharmacy alcohol are ideal for deep cleaning our hair brushes. I immersed the brush in a glass in which it goes (after the main step of removing all the dirt that is seen) and let it rest for ten or fifteen minutes. Once the time has passed, you have to remove it and wait for it to dry in the open air on a towel. How long this takes depends a lot on the brush material. This method is recommended especially for plastic combs.

Sodium bicarbonate

The baking soda can be purchased at any pharmacy and is a great cleanser and disinfectant. Place a tablespoon in a bowl of warm water and do the same as with the vinegar method.

Other tips on how to clean hair brushes

Never get your wooden brushes wet, as they can deteriorate with water. To clean them you will have to use alcohol gel and do everything dry.

For wide brushes that have air chambers, check the container for care forms, as they can accumulate water inside and cause bad odor and mold.