Tricks to apply before, during and after the shower.

Before understanding how to detangle hair, it is necessary to go to the roots: why do knots occur? Knots occur when there is friction and the surface of the hair cuticles become rough. This can be the consequence of damaged or dry hair.

Other factors such as the position of your head when sleeping or how you dried your hair when you got out of the shower can explain the small knots. It is important to learn how to detangle hair to avoid further damage.

Before and during washing

Sometimes we just drag the knots. To stop this, it is advisable to brush your hair dry before washing it. This habit, in addition, will help eliminate waste that may have been accumulated.

When washing your hair , choose to rinse with warm to cold water. The temperature of the water can be decisive, since the hot water dries out the hair and leaves it more prone to frizz. This friction on the cuticle is what leads to the formation of knots. Another not minor issue: use conditioner. The task of the conditioner is to cover the cuticle with a protective film, in this way it is sealed. In addition, it provides shine and softness, which facilitates the mission of detangling the hair. Apply the conditioner medium to lengths, roughly the size of a golf ball.

If the knots are formed as a result of dry hair, we have a trick: leave the conditioner on overnight .

Dry gently

The story on how to detangle hair follows right after washing. Crucial moment! How do you dry it? Maybe use a towel or let it air dry . What kind of towel do you use? These details can change everything. A microfiber towel, for example, is much gentler on the hair. Do you make a turban and then rub the towel over your head? Hmm, better not. Dry the ends first, applying light pressure to remove excess water (as in the photo).

Choose a good product that helps detangle

Another key on how to detangle hair is in the products. Adopting a styling cream, for example, can help keep knots out. If you were untangling without the help of one, you were missing a part.

Styling creams help to make hair softer and more pliable. When detangling, the comb will slide more easily. Sure, without jerking.

Use the right tools

Solving the mystery about how to detangle hair also depends on the tools you use, especially the type of comb or brush . First, it is important to choose the most suitable for your hair type. If you have curlers , opt for a wide tooth comb.

The other rule of thumb is: comb with damp hair, brush with dry hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable and more prone to breakage . Let’s try to avoid breakage and hair loss while detangling it. Although there are brushes specially designed to detangle, the paddle brush is foolproof.

Check the order

How to detangle hair correctly is not a mystery. One of the main tips is to start by detangling the ends. This way, you remove the knots below first and limit the stress on the roots . Then, I continued down the middle of the extension. And finally, comb or brush from the roots.

Get into a good hair routine

Carrying out a good hair routine is vital to keep hair healthy and tangle-free. Use a daily washing system that provides softness and moisture to your hair. Hydrated hair is much silkier, therefore less tangled. You can also adopt a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.