Yes, this equation is possible.

How did you come to have dry hair? Perhaps you have subjected your hair to several bleaches , perhaps you use heat tools every day, perhaps you are not giving it the care it needs. When you detect the reason, you can continue with the question of how to nourish the hair without weighing it down and put together an action plan to rebuild it.

What products are you using?

The use of unsuitable products for your hair type can be one of the reasons why your hair is heavy when trying to nourish it. First, identify what type of hair you have: is it dry? Is it mixed ? Is it fatty? Based on that, consider that you may only need to nourish the ends. If, on the other hand, all your hair looks dry and rough, you have to find a suitable washing system and reinforce with a mask or oil .

To start with, what are we looking for? A shampoo and conditioner that deeply nourishes and leaves hair soft, shiny and moving. And, not least, that heavy hair does not enter this equation. Because, in general, the products that fulfill these functions are presented in creamy formulas that weigh down the mane. That’s when many begin to space out the washes for fear that it will leave you with that feeling, but dry hair remains like that, dry.

So, to learn how to nourish hair without weighing it down, the first recommendation is to look for a line specially designed for dry hair but whose formula is light. Hint: translucent formulas are the lightest. Reading labels and ingredients well never hurts. To find the correct washing system, certain prejudices and myths must first be demolished. Did you think, for example, that a formula made up of different oils could help you?

How are you applying them?

Before you ask yourself how to nourish your hair without weighing it down, do the exercise of reviewing how you are washing it. Are you applying the right amount of product? Are you rinsing well? The second big recommendation has to do with quantity: more does not mean better results. When washing, applying the equivalent of the size of a coin is sufficient. The key is to spread it well and, third recommendation, rinse well. Heavy hair can be the result of poor rinsing. We don’t want any residue left.