There are environmental factors and elements of everyday life that damage our hair. Pollution, chlorine, salt water, sun and humidity are some of these factors that punish your hair. Added to this are our habits such as the daily use of heat tools, frequent coloring, bleaching, permanent straightening, and so on. When prevention is not an option because damage is already a reality, then solutions must be found to repair, regenerate and protect. That is, we move on to the phase of how to recover damaged hair.

In this note, we tell you what life preserver you can throw at your hair. We talk about the care that is at hand to learn how to recover damaged hair. Take action and start enjoying healthy hair, with its own shine and natural movement.


Damaged hair is more prone to breakage, as it is more porous . This means that the cuticles of the hair fiber are open and that is the reason why it absorbs water immediately and, just as quickly, it loses it again. Breakage, in turn, usually leads to hair loss , although it is not root loss.

How to recover brittle hair

  • Avoid friction on the hair. Instead of towel drying it as you normally do, dry it with a cotton shirt or, well, with a microfiber towel. In this same direction, change the common elastics or scrunchies , those fabric gummies that are gentler with your hair.
  • When the hair is wet or damp it is when it is most vulnerable and it is more prone to breakage. Therefore, when you get out of the shower, detangle with a comb. Start by untangling the ends to avoid pulling. Once dry, you can brush.
  • Choose products with natural oils and proteins that help nourish and thus recover damaged hair. Create a hair care routine that includes deep conditioning treatments. For example, apply a homemade coconut oil or aloe vera mask .

Split ends

Double or even triple ends can be the sign that your hair is suffering from chemical cutting , an intense attack caused by straightening , dyeing work on weakened hair or incorrect use of products. Surely your hair feels rough and notice that it breaks easily. We give you some tips so you can learn how to recover damaged hair with split ends.

How to repair split ends

  • In this case, there is no better solution than to resort to regular cuts. Trimming the ends every 2-3 months will prevent the split end problem from escalating and you have to cut more later. If you can’t go to the salon, get rid of the flowery ends yourself – all you need is a sharp hair scissor.
  • Apply almond , coconut, or castor oil to the ends. You can do it after washing your hair and leave it during the day or, well, apply it before going to sleep. This is going to work as a nutrition shock.


Generally, we blame the climate for frizz but various chemical treatments or the frequent use of heat tools weaken the hair and predispose it to this effect. As we said before, damaged or dry hair is more permeable. As moisture gives way, the hair swells and gets out of control. Find out how to recover damaged hair when the sign is frizz.

How to fight frizz

  • Give heat tools and hair accessories a break . This also counts for bedtime: hair is loose, it is not negotiated. If you have the chance, swap your pillowcase for a satin or silk one to reduce friction and wake up with softer hair.
  • Wash the hair with warm water and finish the wash with cold water. In short, I fled the hot water, which generates dryness and frizz.
  • Choose products that are well moisturizing or that contain keratin in their formulations. Keratin is a natural component of hair that, with damage, is lost. Therefore, it never hurts to replenish this protein.
  • Use styling cream. Not only will it make the task of detangling your hair easier but it will also leave it soft, silky and static-free.