Easy habits to adopt and that will do you good.

The boom in yoga classes or online guided meditations (even free ones) are of great help. From All Things Hair , we come to do our bit with a series of practical tips that will help you relax a bit.

Yes, stress on the hair and scalp can lead to discomfort and headaches. Read the following tips and avoid that.

1. Change the traditional gummies

Anything that reduces friction and tension on the hair is welcome. So, we aim first at traditional elastics, those that seem so defenseless but can break hair. Instead, you can turn to scrunchies, those fabric gummies that were all the rage in the 80s and made their triumphant return a few seasons ago. Of course, buckles can also help you create cute hairstyles without resorting to traditional hair ties.

2. Sleeping with your hair down

The hair also needs a break to rest. This point is not negotiated: I slept with my hair down … and dry! Why? Because damp or wet hair is more prone to breakage, that is, it is more vulnerable. Also, humidity is the perfect environment for fungus and nobody wants that on their scalp, right? If we add to the equation that the hair is clean, bingo! Make sure there are no residues. There are also those who use silk pillowcases to avoid friction. This can be an extra pampering.

3. Wear relaxed hairstyles

With the same logic as the first point, a good way to release tension from the head and hair is by avoiding tight or tight hairstyles. This is a good time to bet on hairstyles with loose hair , semi-collected or collected on the side well relaxed. The idea is that you are comfortable to work from home, dedicate yourself to housework and, at the same time, look good.

4. A little aromatherapy

Use products that smell good. The reason for doing it is as simple as the following: taking aromatherapy as an inspiration, we believe this will help you relieve anxiety. On the other hand, it will appeal to your olfactory memory: certain smells can bring you beautiful memories and make you smile. Immerse yourself in such a sensory experience to create a moment of relaxation so that you can release tension from your head.

5. Do hair massage

The relaxing effect is immediate. Doing a hair massage is very easy, you do not need any element other than your own fingers, and it takes you only a few minutes. When you feel tension in your head or in your hair, I resorted to this simple technique that you can repeat two or three times a week. This has an extra benefit: the circulation of the scalp improves and it receives more oxygen. In turn, any hair treatment penetrates better after massage.