We share with you some secrets to comb your hair well.

What brush do you use? How many times do you use it per day? How do you spend it? We are talking about the health of your hair . Therefore, it is important to know how to comb your hair. It is usually a task that we do automatically but it is time to stop to observe and make the necessary adjustments.

Because learning how to comb properly can be the magic spell to help you say goodbye to the brittle hair  and falling hair . Take note and, more importantly, put these keys into practice.

Comb vs Brush

To know how to comb your hair, the first thing you have to know is that you need a good brush. The rule of thumb: use a comb when wet and a brush when dry. The watchword is to take care of the hair fiber from scratch.

How do you know which is the best brush? According to specialists, brushes made of noble materials such as wood, for example, and with long bristles, whether made of silicone or boar, are the most recommended paddle type. In summary, avoid those that are plastic or metallic that tangle the hair more.

Before washing

Believe it or not, we will reveal something incredible: hair must be brushed before washing . When you brush dry, impurities, sprays or residues of other products that you usually apply are eliminated. When dry, the hair is very resistant. Use the brush for this stage of brushing.

How to comb your hair after washing

Once washed, start to untangle it. To do this, yes use the comb. Styling creams make this task much easier. Choose the one that best suits your hair type. If you also want to nourish it, opt for Dove Nutrition Oil Styling Cream . Apply it from medium to ends and let your comb glide. You will see how combing your hair is easier.