Did you think you knew everything? We put you to the test.

If you are into this whole world of hair care (and that is why you are reading this) and you are interested in having healthy hair, it is likely that you know a lot and spend hours and hours reading articles and watching videos to inform yourself. But the internet is huge and full of myths and lies. Don’t believe everything you read!

We put together some of the most common myths about hair care. How many did you think were real? What is certainly not a myth is that our hair needs the best possible care and that starts with washing. The Shampoo Dove Oil Nutrition is ideal soften your hair, control frizz and get that silky appearance we so desire.

1. Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

This is a myth as there is no scientific proof behind it. It actually has to do with the physiology of the hair growth cycle and this depends on each person. While cutting the ends will make damaged hair disappear, it will not help it grow faster.

2. Washing hair with cold water makes it shinier

The temperature of the water has nothing to do with the cleanliness of the scalp or the appearance of the hair, so you can stop torturing yourself with freezing showers. What does affect it is conditioning. Try Dove Oil Nourishing Treatment Cream for the glow you want.

3. Dyeing your hair will damage it completely

This is partially true, as it depends on the chemical used. There are cases of people who have burned their scalp from using very strong chemicals or not using them correctly. Each head is unique, so results may vary. What we always recommend is to go to a specialized salon and have a consultation with the stylist to see if that work can be done. Experiments at home can go very wrong.

4. Flowered tips can be repaired

Flowered or separated ends cannot be repaired or reattached. Once the hair broke, that’s it. This happens when the cuticle that protects each hair is damaged. The best remedy is to hydrate the hair well so that it is always healthy and trim the ends periodically.

5. Using dry shampoo is better than washing your hair with regular shampoo

Dry shampoo is a bit deceptive as it doesn’t really clean your hair. The scalp needs to be hydrated, cleansed with shampoo and it also needs to be rinsed. It is okay to use dry shampoo  when we are in a hurry because it will help absorb oil and give the hair a little volume. But the truth is that it does not replace the traditional shampoo.

6. Fine hair does not need conditioning

This is false. Both the scalp and the hair itself need to be conditioned and it doesn’t matter what type of hair it is. The important thing is to use a shampoo and conditioner (from the same line because they are designed as complementary) that are suitable for your hair type and thus obtain the best results.

How many myths did you guess?