Until recently, shoulder length haircuts were considered a transitional look. It meant you were letting it grow. But that is a thing of the past. Now, the medium hair is a style in itself.

What are the reasons for adopting a shoulder length haircut? It is a practical length to style, the extension allows to wear updos and looks good on any hair texture. If we didn’t convince you with that, then we’re going to let the pictures do it: with you 25 shoulder length haircuts.

Rachel cut

One of the most iconic shoulder haircuts of the 90s became popular thanks to the Friends series . This style is characterized by carrying layers and, generally, is stylized with brushing , using a round brush and a hairdryer so that the tips remain inward.

Whole with long bangs

People with thick hair will benefit from this full cut, as the weight of the hair itself will prevent it from puffing up. So the same cut is a way to reduce volume to thick hair . She accompanied it with a long fringe, which exceeds the eyebrows, well dense.

Modern hime cut

This inspiration comes straight from Japan, where the hime cut has existed for hundreds of years and was the stuff of royalty. At present, it is one of the most avant-garde looks within shoulder-length haircuts with bangs. The formula is: straight and thick bangs (usually long) and some strands on the sides that touch the cheekbones, shorter than the rest of the hair.

Blunt bob

The blunt bob  is one of the simplest and most flattering shoulder length haircuts out there, as it looks good on all types of faces. It is inspired by the classic French bob, without layers and with paraded ends. It’s easy to style and with texture it looks great.

Long bob

The shoulder length haircut, like this long bob , is the perfect transition to go from a length to a bob cut or vice versa. It is the fair measure of all things (as a famous philosopher would say). Wear it whole, very straight and parted in the middle for a more rigorous look or with the part slightly to the side to give it a more casual look.

Layered with side bangs

Layers are a great way to add movement and give your hair a light look. In this case, their effect is further accentuated by the side fringe. Malleable, easy to style and low maintenance.


More or less pronounced, this shoulder length haircut introduces some movement. It consists of giving different levels by cutting in degrees, that is, in an imaginary oblique line. Thus stylized in an enveloping effect, it is a good way to frame the face. Frame that is completed with bushy bangs.


The shag is a multi-layered cut that achieves more volume on top, as well as great texture. This shoulder length haircut is very easy to detangle and style (in fact, you wake up combed). Practical, carefree and full of movement.

Shag with curlers

As we saw, the shag cut has a lot of rock and roll and applies to both straight and wavy hair or with curlers. Depending on the pattern, these multiple layers of the cut can generate more or less volume. In order not to be surprised, we recommend using a dry haircut done by a stylist who specializes in curlers.


The mullet cut regained its glory in recent times, as a standard bearer of an androgynous style. This unique cut is characterized by having a short front part and a longer back part, with a marked difference in extensions. She wears it shredded and with the top part combed forward.

Long bob with side shaving

If you are looking for haircuts to the shoulder something more daring, the shaved can be your bet. She appropriated a look composed of a long bob cut, extreme straight bangs, and a side shaved, all in a platinum blonde.


We are facing a new style, brand new. The shullet is the combination of short and mullet , that is, it is a less extreme version of the mullet . The difference in extension between the front and the back is less marked, although it is still present.

Wavy with side bangs

We now turn to a more classic shoulder-length haircut style. It is a straight cut, with side bangs and soft waves that give the hair texture and dimension. In turn, the last two components soften the features.

With layers and long bangs

This is an option for people with fine hair . The layers (in this case they are two well marked) will help to give the hair a certain body. The same goes for the topping of long bangs.


The middle stop between a bob with curlers and a long bob . Volume is the reason for this rounded style, an effect that is achieved by creating subtle layers (once again, go for the dry haircut). 

With open bangs

If you don’t want to fall for the classic and safe wavy lob , add bangs like she did. The fringe curtain or curtain fringe is an open style, leaving bare a portion of the front. It can be the perfect transitional style to grow your bangs … or not.

Mullet cut

Of all the variants we looked at, this is the most extreme mullet cut . The top is as short as in a pixie cut . Back, however, so long that it touches the shoulders, what many call cubatas or cubanas.

With long narrow bangs

This shoulder length haircut creates a closed frame over the face, perhaps to create straight lines on the round face. To do this, use narrow bangs. Volume and dark color contrast with skin tone and eye color.

Layered with curlers

This mane seems to float. It looks light, airy. Much of this effect is done by the hair pattern itself. But another big part is given by the haircut on the shoulder, in A, and the Californian highlights .

Two layers

One of the most classic and timeless shoulder length haircuts out there. It is a mane with two layers with little difference in extension. The upper one is worn with the tips inwards. The lower one, on the other hand, with the tips outwards.


This shoulder-length haircut breaks the mold a bit by exposing the nape of the neck and falling diagonally forward. This angle that is created stylizes the features. Depending on how it is styled, it can look harsher or more relaxed.

With long bangs

We don’t know what makes us fall in love more: if the choppy and tousled style with long bangs or the chocolate hair color . Either way, it’s a great combo that doesn’t go unnoticed.

With extra long bangs

This layered medium hair brings out her personality with long, very long, tousled bangs. So long that it exceeds the eyebrows. The good thing is that it can also be styled like an open bangs, opening up the game to various styling options.

Tiered and with bangs

The tiered cut can be worn in a completely different way depending on how it is styled. She brought all the tips up, a counterpoint to the long bangs. Another resource that makes this look is the color, inspired by the Nirvana blonde , although of a water green color.

With short straight bangs

The mini straight bangs is a style variant for shoulder haircuts. This structure is reinforced by the straight ends, the extreme straight and the burgundy hair color . The detail: the locks at the level of the jaw to frame the face.