What to do before cutting?

How many times did you want to grow your hair long but had to cut it earlier than planned because it was dry? It happened to all of us once. The problem is that the straightener, the dryer, the dyes and the bleaching mistreat the hair and, then, the flowered ends and the break in the hair fiber appear.

The treatment for split ends works when we notice that the hair is separated in two at the end. This means that the cuticle is broken and the hair is damaged. But don’t despair, we can help you. There are some habits for healthy hair that you are going to have to adopt, find out by reading this note.

One of the biggest factors that cause split ends and apply to split ends treatment is extreme discoloration. Nobody says you don’t dye your hair but if you do, be careful and take all precautions to prevent damage.

Our tip : In the summer, the sun, the chlorine in the pool and the sea water also contribute to weakening and breakage of the hair.

What are split ends and why do they appear?

Each hair is made up of three layers: the outer layer that we know as the cuticle, the cortex that is what gives the hair its color and the inner layer that is what we call the “medulla”. The use of heat, dry brushing and discolorations make these layers separate and we need a treatment for split ends. The only remedy once they are open is to cut them off. There are no shampoos to close them or magic products, because the cuticle has already been lost and cannot regenerate.

So how do I fix it?

“Better safe than sorry,” the saying goes, and you’re right. It is easier to avoid this problem than to make it go away. The main thing to keep in mind is that the hair must always be hydrated.

The important thing: how do we hydrate the hair?

  • Oils: oils such as coconut, almond or argan are perfect to help repair damaged hair because they protect and nourish it. If the hair is dry and with open pores, the difference is instantaneous. Try TRESemmé’s Radiant Elixir Oil .
  • Deep conditioners: it is advisable to use them once a week, leave them for twenty minutes to half an hour before rinsing and continue using them periodically for best results. We love  Dove’s Repair Ritual Treatment Cream.
  •  Keratin shock : these treatments are applied in hairdressing salons that give life back to dry hair, they also have proteins to leave it strong and soft. It is important to note that it is still a chemical treatment that, in the long run, ends up damaging the hair. Meanwhile, you can use products that have proteins in their formula to help the process, for this we recommend the Dove Complete Reconstruction Shampoo and Conditioner  and the Extreme Recovery Treatment Cream., since the hair is more vulnerable when we comb it wet because the cuticles are more open. The ideal would be to use conditioning products that leave our hair aligned from the shower, to have to comb as little as possible.
  • Serums for split and dry ends: Serum formulas are generally oil-based and, depending on which one you choose, they hydrate and repair the hair fiber little by little.

Some more tips

  • To avoid blooming ends, cut your hair every two or three months, so it will always stay healthy.
  • Use conditioning products that leave your hair aligned from the shower, so you have to comb as little as possible. Fact: Hair is more vulnerable when we comb it wet because the cuticles are more open.
  • Don’t overuse heat tools, but if you want to keep using your dryer and flat iron, always apply a heat protectant before doing so.
  • Always maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. If we are well inside, it shows from the outside