It’s time to get haircuts, gentlemen.

But how can you obtain the perfect haircut for you?

Where can you look for a good barber, and how should you communicate with them to achieve the cut you want?

Okay, Guys – We’re going to help you look your best by teaching you how to choose and obtain the haircut you desire.

1. Select the Haircut You Want to Start with

Choosing a new hairdo is the first order of business. There are a number of variables that will affect this.

Your primary consideration should be the message you wish to convey. Do you see yourself as a rising star in your field? Would you call yourself a free spirit that follows its own path? Or perhaps you’re a manly, outdoorsy type.

The impression you provide to others is heavily dependent on the aesthetic you go for.


What kind of hair you have is the other major consideration that will define the hairstyle you need. Hair can be straight, wavy, curly, thin, thick, long, short, or any combination thereof. Certain hairstyles work better with various hair types, so it’s crucial to learn what will best suit the hair you have.

If you want to learn more about what hairstyles would work for your message and hair type, check out my video on the 10 Most Attractive Hairstyles.

2. Find A QUALITY Barbershop

Now it’s time to choose a quality barbershop or salon to receive your haircut.

Most men go to the nearest generic chain salon and wind up getting their hair trimmed by a different person every time. The trouble with this is you won’t get a consistent haircut, as each stylist has a somewhat different style of doing things. They are paid by the hour, so they probably won’t take the time to give your hair the TLC it deserves if you’re a regular customer. To get the best results, it’s important to visit a professional barber or stylist.

You should research your options to discover a quality barber in your region. You can get some information from online reviews and personal recommendations, but don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask some questions. How well-trained are the stylists, what kind of tools do they use, and do they have a particular method for cutting men’s hair? Make the appointment if you think it might be a good fit.

Spa and barbershop

A competent barber or stylist can be identified via a number of telltale indicators.

In the first place, how neat and presentable do they appear? Why would you trust them with your hair if they can’t even maintain their own?

Keep in mind their self-assurance as well. Are they able to talk about their field as though they know what they’re talking about? Can you tell if they’re not afraid to offer suggestions and feedback?

You should also find a barber who is prepared to spend the time necessary to give you a great cut. You should keep looking if they seem hurried or like they’re skipping steps. An excellent barber will also solicit your input at various points in the cutting process to ascertain that the hair is being cut to the desired length and style.

3. Improve Your Communication Skills with Your Barber.

You’ve finally made it to the barbershop for your annual trim. How do you convey your desired hairdo to your barber or stylist?

You should first provide a picture of the hairdo you want so the barber has something to work from. In that case, he’ll be in a better position to offer guidance on how to modify it to complement your features and hair texture.

A trained barber can also provide guidance if you’re interested in trying a new look but aren’t sure what you want.

However, if you have a specific style in mind, be sure to share that information. Let the barber know how much you want to be shaved off the top (half an inch, an inch, two inches, etc.), as well as the number guard to use on the clippers for the sides and back.

A short haircut that works best for your face shape is one with tapered sides. In order to achieve a seamless transition between the top and sides, the latter will be cut shorter at the bottom and longer as they ascend. An extremely unaltered, organic appearance is achieved.

You may also ask your barber to add texture to your hair, but this will depend on your natural hair and the look you want to achieve. He’ll achieve the desired layered effect by cutting the ends unevenly.

When they trim the hair around the base of the neck with a straight razor, I know I’m in a good salon. In between haircuts, they may be willing to tidy up your neckline if you ask nicely.

Every time you visit the barber, ask if you can schedule your next appointment then so you don’t have to think about it again until then. Most men will benefit from getting a new trim every three to four weeks.

If you plan ahead, your hair won’t have time to grow unruly. There’s nothing more stressful than realising you have an unexpected interview the next day and realising your hair is a hot mess because you didn’t have time to get a haircut.

Make sure you get your hair trimmed by the same hairdresser who can give you the perfect cut every time by scheduling an appointment.

One piece of advice: unless you want your hair to resemble Aaron Marino’s, do not let him do your hair.

Is it a lot of effort for you to do this?

Finding a good barber should be thought of as an investment in your personal style, men. The point of establishing a long-term rapport is to ensure a uniformly excellent haircut at each visit.